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A cast of a thousand possibilities¬ at your fingertips … and growing.

Do you need a funny voice to spice up a comedy bit or a caller to spark conversation and get your phones going? Maybe what your show needs is a hot celebrity guest? Voice Junkies has you covered.

We’re glad you made it this far to the Voice Junkies site.

It means that you’re looking to develop your show so you can build your listeners and drive your ratings. Most radio groups aren’t in a position to hire full-time staff writers or voice talent to impersonate celebrities and pop culture icons. Voice Junkies brings that team to you.

Build ongoing segments that bring a variety of celebrity impersonators and voice actors playing humorous characters sure to bring a reaction from your audience.

That’s not all! Our team also brings you exclusive access to scripts that our talented team has written, and will write, custom content for radio. It’s ready to rip and read or you can share bits you’ve done to get the extra voices that you need for it. You receive full credit for your own scripts.

Start booking your new talent today. Check out our wide selection of options and get in touch with us at 140characters@envisionnetworks.com.

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